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There happened to be a long break for my writings, out of which I have published a few here. I have decided to resume it again and started the course with a tribute to one of magnificent ladies that I have met. This is an ode to Ms Vineetha Sophia Gabriel.

Ode to a Wise Woman
My lady fair Thou hast shown me secret of life Amid all the thorns of rose Laugh, and laugh and be merry
My lady fair Who knows not how to rebuke and scorn Life will always treat you well For you see nothing , but good
My lady fair You are truest friend possible Who giggles at any instant probable You are the words of my song
My lady fair The sun is bright and the sky is blue But all I do is sit and think Of you alone, without  a blink
My lady fair He made thee full of sunshine For Priyanka and Vijay may hold A mother spun of purest gold
My lady fair Whenever I think of you not being here