Through the Mist

It's a cold night, a moonlit night i strolled on the grass barefoot feet drenched in the pearly dews I stared at the twinkling stars
As I was moving on Something moved, a silhoutte my ancestor caveman, wild and ignorant at a distance, under the giant oak tree
Eternity passed, moonlit fog dances I cannot see the wandering outsider was that a glimpse or ghost? oh my ghost love!
There happened to be a long break for my writings, out of which I have published a few here. I have decided to resume it again and started the course with a tribute to one of magnificent ladies that I have met. This is an ode to Ms Vineetha Sophia Gabriel.

Ode to a Wise Woman
My lady fair Thou hast shown me secret of life Amid all the thorns of rose Laugh, and laugh and be merry
My lady fair Who knows not how to rebuke and scorn Life will always treat you well For you see nothing , but good
My lady fair You are truest friend possible Who giggles at any instant probable You are the words of my song
My lady fair The sun is bright and the sky is blue But all I do is sit and think Of you alone, without  a blink
My lady fair He made thee full of sunshine For Priyanka and Vijay may hold A mother spun of purest gold
My lady fair Whenever I think of you not being here

I looked through the window
There was no one, I went out.

I looked to the window,
There was no one,
A shadow perhaps, in writhing pain

It was raining
I went in, drenched
I left it all the other side

The innocence I lost
The faith I ignored
The love I left behind
And, the happiness I wiped out.

but now its raining soft...
frail frail...
life is no more than this.


Noone can...
engrave on ripples of water...
stab on depths of air...

So the lucky...
don't have to fear about memories.

Now I understand...
that I have no escape
I was surrounded by them.

I Love You Mom

I wanna hide behind you
My lady fair...

I noticed your graceful petting
with hands never hauled
when you touched me young
caressed my fevered head
all night beside my bed...

You guide me Maa
when I lost my way
You shaped me
when I was just a mould to be...

It was you Maa, My dear...
it was your hands of love...


Solitude is like a hundred darts
mercilessly piercing your heart.

Solitude is like a deep split
you'll know not where your foot slips.

Solitude is like darkness profound
blinding your eyes with joy unbound.